Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring is Here!

I love spring! I love how everything suddenly jumps into being, growing furiously and trying to reach the sun. Unfortunately, just like the sudden freezes that be-speckle the month of March, life can change just as quickly.
My personal spring break started spectacularly. I went on an amazing mountain hike that ended with a waterfall, went camping...(in the back yard), spent time with my friends, and finally caught up on sleep! Closer to the end of the week I went to a doctor appointment concerning some swelling and pains I had been experiencing in my ankles. I am a ballet dancer and have been working tirelessly for over half a decade to perfect my technique on my pointe shoes. Ballet is a relentless, tiring, and beautiful art. I love it and planned to continue it in college and beyond. In that one meeting the doctor shattered my life plans. I was told that I had long, flexible ligaments that made dancing en pointe no longer possible. If I continued to dance on pointe shoes I would permanently damage my feet and have to stop dancing altogether. As a dancer at heart, that is truly devastating news. With the Podiatrist's words ringing in my head, I watched as a metaphorical freeze covered my "spring".
So, with a few words, I found out that your whole life can change. My spring break started out with a burst of color and ended with a dull and cold rain.
I might sound melodramatic, I probably do, but this tale ends well. After continual nights of crying myself to sleep, I realized something very obvious but none the less true. It doesn't matter how much I cry, it wont change my genetic make-up or my situation. The best way for me to handle this blow to the heart is to be strong and move on.
A note to all those struggling with grief and hardship, or like in my case, those who get dealt some bad news; all the tears in the world will change nothing. The only solution to the pain is to except the inevitable and charish what you still have.

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Mrs. Gillmore said...

What I have discovered through my 40+ years of that when one door closes, another is about to open.

My advice? Be watching for doors!