Monday, February 2, 2009

Have You Ever Stood Out In a Crowd?

Have you ever taken a stand for something you believed in? You get that exhilarating feeling and at the same time you feel sick. You feel like all of your muscles were set on vibrate and your stomach fell out onto the floor. Your throat closes and you suddenly have no idea what to say...and that is just the beginning.
I have taken many of stands in my life, whether it was for religion, politics, a friend, or my own reputation. Whatever it was, I performed them with pride. As I look back on the issues I have stood up for, I am thankful of everyone and would do them over again the same way.
When you take a stand for something, you have to know and except that some people will agree, some will not listen , and some will hate you for it. Whatever the outcome, stand by your morals, because they will never steer you wrong.

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